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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

Join Yuki and TV Guru as they share their top five stand up comedians of all time, why they believe comedians are the true last truth-tellers of our time, and why Tik-Tok and Instagram amateur "comedians" will never hold a candle to the time-tested stand up comedy.
Alex rider (imdb drama)
Golden kamuy (anime)
Akudama drive (anime)
Ikebukoro west gate park (japan live drama)
Noblesse (anime)
Ikebukoro west gate park (anime) 
Talentless nana (anime) 
Corey holcomb 
Red foxx
Doug standhope
Louie ck
George carlin
Video game awards 2020 (article)
Cowboy bebop six new cast members (article) 
Capcom leak the next 4 years (article)
Voice actor of kirby dies (anime)
New melancholy of haruhi (article)
Smash bros tournament cancelled (article)