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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

Yuki and The TV Guru return after a long break for the New Year and talk about what they've been up to during their break.  For the haters who thought this was the end of the podcast: curb your enthusiasm.


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Dec 17, 2019

Professor black truth has several video essays for over 10 years at Prof Blacktruth on youtube. He is one of the voices of new black media. You can find him at @ProfBlacktruth on twitter.


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Dec 10, 2019

The TV Guru and Yuki go over the strange cultural shifting that is the 2010s as well as 2019 as a whole.  The 2010's decade was a decade where white liberals finally showed their true face, rampant buck breaking through media, beta simps joining forces with (white) feminists to destroy mainly alpha values, the rise of...

Dec 3, 2019

yuki and tv guru sit back and listen to there older episode of the swarthy nerd podcast episode 2 the only black guy and give there commentary and see if it holds up.


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Nov 25, 2019

With the rise of more streaming services many people might think that the physical media is dead. well actually it's not and it's becoming more niche to have physical media. hell even vinyl is making a coming back. join yuki and tv guru as they discuss whats better physical or digital.


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