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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Apr 9, 2019

In this episode tv guru talks about the sub par captain marvel (or is it mar-vel) movie and then he talks about jordon peele us movie. yuki begins his 3 part series on conventions and then the goblin returns in a shocking way....


The crew

Yuki's stuff

tv guru's stuff


receipts in order (only on the website)

captain marvel (movie)

kevin feige say captain marvel is the strongest in mcu (article)

avengers endgame (movie)

kevin feige says there will be mostly women super heros in the mcu but it might be directors as females (article)

jordon peele us (movie)

lego movie the second part (movie)

black monday (showtime dark comedy)

happy! (syfy drama)

what we do in the shadows (fx dark comedy)

veep (hbo comedy)

barry (hbo dark comedy)

mario plus rabbids kingdom battle (video game)

the laws of human nature by robert greene (book)

10 toxic character types from the laws of human nature (book page)

kakeguri xx (anime)

persona 5 (video game)

persona 5 the royal (article)

law and order longest running tv series of all time (article)

law and order svu s19e12 info wars (this the episode tv guru was talking about)

spike lee on Quentin Tarantino obsession with the n word (article)

sam jackson talks about Spike hasn’t made a good movie in a while (article)

spike lee old boy (movie)

old boy (movie) *must watch

fate studio tax fraud (article)

RIP Nipsey Hussle

nipsey hussle on izm radio (video)

micheal jackson gets attacked by the jewish groups (video)

now apocalypse (starz dark comedy)

how to find conventions in your home town (website)

candy man 1992 (movie)

louie ck scandal (article)