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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Nov 21, 2021

TV Guru and Yuki breaks down how vagina's can calm crazy people down with Dexter: New Blood. Next, they talk about The Harder They Fall, Shang Chi, Protege, Yellowjackets, Hell Girl, Komatta Jii-san, and Oishinbo.

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(Things we talked about)

Harder they fall (Netflix movie)

Protege (movie)

Dexter new blood (showtime drama)

Yellow jackets (showtime drama)

Ragdoll (amc plus drama)

Red notice (Netflix movie)

Hanging with Mr Cooper (black sitcom)

Martin (black sitcom)

Jamie Foxx show (black sitcom)

Parent hood (black sitcom)

In the house (black sitcom)

Shang chi (marvel movie)

Oishinbo (anime)

Komatta jiisan (anime)

Hell girl (anime)