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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Mar 17, 2020

The Mediocre White Boy is a bland, uninspiring, and pathetic manchild.  He brings nothing of value to society or the world around him.  Try as he does to seem cool by wearing the latest clothes, speaking slang originated from Black Culture, or be an edgelord, those efforts fail -- hard.  Rather than to embrace his lame lifestyle he steals from Black Culture. Sadly, some cornball dusty Black people will accept The Mediocre White Boy and his culture vulture ways as a form of white acceptance.  Meanwhile, they shun Black people who aren't dusty cornballs AND maintain the Black First Mantra whom enjoy things such as rock music, video games, anime, etc..

Why is that?

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Fire emblem three houses (video game)

Fire emblem three houses dlc (video game)

Kingdom hearts remind dlc (video game)

First love (movie)

Guns akimbo (movie)

Jumani the next level (movie)

Black Monday (showtime dark comedy)

Devs (fx drama)

Trigun (anime)

Curb your enthusiasm season 2 (HBO comedy)

Dave (fxx comdey)

Kirby's voice actress is sick (article)