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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Apr 16, 2019

In this episode yuki does his second part to his conventions series but before that tv guru talk about all the stuff he saw.


The crew

Yuki's stuff

tv guru's stuff


receipts in order (only on the website or podcasting apps)


glass (movie)

split (movie)

unbreakable (movie)

triple threat (movie)

justice league and the fatal five (movie)

case closed movie 22 zero enforcer (movie)

native son (hbo movie)

american gods (starz drama)

warrior (cinemax drama)

killing eve (bbc drama)

the chi (showtime drama)

the creator of the chi defends azizi ansari (article)

twilight zone (cbs all access drama)

spider man into the spider verse (movie)

Japanese schoolgirl confidential by brian ashcraft (book)

Hitorie dies (article)

helen mirren say's fuck netflix (article)

Japanese man sends death threats to square enix hq (article)

Allison mack sex cult pyramid scheme (article)

Sylvester mcgee the last living slave (wiki article) look up more info on him

trevor noah on reparations (video)

where does the word cosplay come from (article)

G4 Award Show 2003 cosplay showcase (blackface appears at 1:03)

How Do You Cosplay (website)

how do you cosplay in japan (article)

What To Expect When Cosplaiyng in Japan by R. Lowen (article)

The Lowdown on Japan’s Cosplay Industry (article)