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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Feb 5, 2019

The dungeon master wasn't playing this week yuki and tv guru fight to get this episode out. they kick back and talk about what they have been watch and yuki has a few things to say to about bitter nerd....




The crew

Yuki's stuff

tv guru's stuff


receipts in order 

Kakaguri xx (anime)

Paper mario glitches (anime)

paper mario thousand year door (video game)

metal gear solid 3 (video game)

hideo kojima

shigeru miyamoto

halloween 2018 (movie)

archer (fx animated comedy)

the hate you give (movie)

assassination nation (movie)

counter culture movement

widows (movie)

christopher robin (movie)

wayne (youtube dark comedy)

yu yu hakusho (anime)

young justice outsiders (dc anime)

vandal savage (dc villian)

lobo (dc villian)

slade (dc villian)

black monday (showtime dark comdey)

working girl (movie)

smilf (showtime dark comedy)

the strain (fx drama)

star trek discovery (cbs all access sci fi drama)

crashing (hbo comedy)

louie (fx dark comedy)

high maintenace (hbo comedy)

drunk history (comedy central comedy)

broad city (comedy central comedy)

super smash bros ultimate (video game)

dragonball z budokai 3 (video game)

chris brown t shirt (article)

netflix getting cocky (article)

fx president on netflix and tv cost (article)

711 porn in japan (article)

japan lost empire to usa

dbz broly 88 million week (article)

cobra kai (youtube drama)

Bonus stuff 

yuki's song pick for the week

tv guru's song pick for the week