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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Jan 15, 2019

yukithesnowman314 takes the first steps into finding a way out of the dungeon. yuki finds a bottle of wine and two dirty glasses to drink out of and heads back into the small hole that he and the tv guru 108 have made. They kick back kill the bottle and start recording again to let the time pass by.......


The crew


Receipts in order

rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai (anime)

escape from dannemora (showtime drama)

ray donovan (showtime drama)

on the tour bus (cinemax animated comedy/documentary)

laws of nature by robert greene (book)

slow burn (podcast)

tuskegee experiment/reparations (article)

cbs consider ditching neilsen ratings (article)

history of the neilsen ratings (wiki article)

super smash bros ultimate breaks records (article)

history of CBS (wiki article)

ballers (hbo comedy)

david duke praises trump (article)

black movies saved hollywood in the early 70's (micheal jai white explain's)

white flight (wiki article)

willy wonka flopped (wiki article)

how dirty the colonizers are (origin of everything video)

django unchained "stephen scene" (movie)

amos n' andy (cbs comedy?)

apples racist photo algorithm (article)

american google searches are racist (article)

intellectual bigot django unchained "skull scene" (movie)

andrew gillum "lets not monkey this up" (article)

boots riley on blakkkansman (twitter) 

angenda 21 for culture (wiki article) 

revisons (anime)

boogie pop and others (anime)

mob psycho 100 2 (anime)

kakeguri xx (anime)

one punch man season 2 (anime)

high score girl (anime)

luther (bbc drama)

young justice: outsiders (dc anime)

your the worst (fxx dark comedy)

true detective (hbo drama)

wayne (youtube tv show)

high maintenance (hbo comedy)

puyo puyo tetris (video game)

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