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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Jun 7, 2021

With the rise of destructive Black cornballs seeking revenge against the Black community with tactics such as trolling and whataboutisms, Yuki and TV Guru discuss how to ID, engage, and stop these corny failures of Black society.

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(Things we talked about)

Spiral (movie)

White people money (movie)

Run this world (starz comedy)

The chi (showtime drama)

Dragon quest 11 S (ps4 game)

Black Monday (showtime dark comedy)

Army of the dead (Netflix movie)

Wonder egg priority (anime)

Dr stone (manga)

Death trap (movie)

If... (Movie)

Shin megami tensai if... (NES game)

Oddtaxi (anime)

Moriarty the patriot (anime)

Mashale magic and muscle (manga)

Why women kill (paramount + drama)

Mr in between (fx dark comedy)