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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

A slight follow up to the Fall Anime 2020 Festival, Yuki and TV Guru explains why you should look up the creators and production studios behind the anime industry. Knowing them means the difference between enjoying or loving a great anime, or wasting your time on crap.

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Receipts in order (only on the website or podcasting apps)

Ikebukoro west gate park OP (song)
Tonikawa over the moon (anime)
Yashahime half blood princess (anime)
Wandering witch (anime)
Higurashi when they cry (anime)
Enola holmes (netflix movie)
Intruders (bbc drama series)
Hubie halloween (netflix movie)
The opening act (comedy movie)
Nioh (ps4 game)
Super mario 3d land (3ds game)
Star trek discovery (cbs all access)
Blackish (abc comedy)
Noblesse (anime)
Lovecraft country (hbo drama)
First fire emblem comes to america (article)
God of highschool OP (song)