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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Oct 20, 2020

Join Yuki and TV Guru as they discuss their personal favorite Fall 2020 anime shows such as Jujutsu Taisen, Noblesse, Burn The Witch, and Yashahime. Lost on what anime that you should watch? Then come listen!
Tonikawa over the moon for you (song)
Fargo (fx drama)
South park pandemic special 
I'm Standing on a million lives (anime)
Burn the witch (anime)
Wandering witch (anime)
Hypnosis mic (anime)
Assault lily banquet (anime)
Yashahime princess half demon (anime)
Tonikawa over the moon for you (anime)
Dragon quest the adventure of dai (anime)
Jujutsu taisen (anime)
Golden kamuy (anime)
Noblesse (anime)
Ikebukoro west gate park (anime)
Akudama drive (anime)
Tonikawa over the moon for you (anime)
The gymnastic samurai (anime)
Moriarty the patriot (anime)
Talentless nana (anime)
Higurashi when they cry (anime)
The day I became a god (anime)
Sleeping princess (anime)
With a dog and a cat everything is fun (anime)
Space dandy (anime)
Space dandy (song)