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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

Yuki and tv guru talks about the new paper Mario, snowpiercer, dorohedoro and much more. Then they read a chapter from the book white fragility and discuss why white people feel so entitled.


The crew

Yuki's social media

tv guru's social media

receipts in order (only on the website or podcasting apps)

Paper Mario the origami king (switch game)

Arlos thoughts on paper Mario the origami king (video)

Metroid prime (GameCube game)

Shin megami tensai strange journey (3ds game)

Corporate (comedy central comedy)

The rite of spring (french ballet)

Dorohedoro (anime)

Jet li the one (movie)


Rent a girlfriend

Corey Holcomb (comedian)

Lav love (comedian)

White fragility by Robin diangelo (book)