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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

TV Guru and Yuki sit down and talk about white companies, people, and groups who are all of a sudden Pro-Black now that the country is burning.  Were where they when things weren't burning and Black people weren't on code en masse?

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These are our receipts in order (only on the website or podcasting apps)

Bad boys for life (movie)

How To Double Your Money (video)

20 Rules of Money (video)

How to sell the negro (video)

7 am (documentary)

Snowpiercer (movie)

Snowpiercer (tnt drama)

Hightown (Starz drama)

Scoob (movie)

Lovebirds (Netflix movie) * I know I said lovesick

The photograph (movie)

Persona (psp game)

Curb your enthusiasm (episode clip)

Super Mario world (snes game)

Sailor moon s fighting game (snes game)

Fire emblem mystery of the emblem (snes game)

Fire emblem 4 (snes game)

Dude we talking about who is a snake and a fake ally

Nintendo game with Black face character (article)

Square soft tom Sawyer (snes game)