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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Jan 22, 2019

The dungeon master finally lets yuki and the tv guru out during the day but only to get jobs to pay his nose job. its a long way to the job so they record another episode before they head out. 


the crew

yukithesnowman314 and the tv guru 108

Swarthy nerd youtube


receipts in order 

skull face book seller handa-san (anime)

bunny girl senpai (anime)

sss. gridman (anime)

ultra man (japan tv show)

fire emblem 4 (video game)

dead or alive 3 extreme volley ball (video game)

doa creator sex scandal (article)

japanese teen aren't having sex (article)

fiat currency (video)

federal reserve bank owners (video)

federal reserve raised interests rates (article)

yuki sounds like jim kramer (cnn tv show)

golden kamuy (anime)

kakeguri xx (anime)

mappa studio (website)

final fantasy 15 director leaves to start own company (article)

the animators dormitory (article)

case closed (anime)

black clover (anime)

bird box (movie)

the quiet place (movie)

oceans 8 (movie)

imdb, rotten tomatoes and metacritc owners (wiki articles)

rotten tomatoes controversy (article)

black mirror (channel 4 drama)

ncis (cbs drama)

cbs top of the networks? (article)

hells kitchen (fox reality cooking competition)

the tv show i couldn't remember (fox reality cooking competition)

black mirror bandersnatch (movie)

escape from dannemora (showtime drama)

true romance (movie)

ray donovan (showtime drama)

my brilliant friend (hbo drama)

kidding (showtime drama)

red dead redemption 2 (video game)

studio mappa art exhibit (article)

dragon ball super broly breaks 2 billion yen (article)

mizzou esports program (article)

overwatch (video game)

persona 5 (video game)

persona 5 dark sun (anime)

comiket anime convention 2018 

touhou project (video game)

arch con convention 2019 

anime stl convention 2019

south park "reality scene" (comedy central animated comedy)