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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

Jan 9, 2019

The tv guru and yukithesnowman314 start there journey but then the unexpectedly get themselves stuck in a dungeon. They found some mic's and recording equipment and they start recording.......but then midway through someone starts getting tortured.


Receipts in order 

skull-face book seller handa-san (anime)

zombieland saga (anime)

kokkoku: moment by moment (anime)

counterpart (starz drama)

ray donovan (showtime drama)

escape from dannemora (showtime drama)

golden kamuy (anime)

detective conan (anime)

banana fish (anime)

kitaro (anime)

slow burn (podcast)

netflix's ted sarandos at UBS Global Media and Communication Conference (article)

silicon valley "server scene" (hbo comedy)

funimation agrees to sony pictures deal (article)

dragon ball super broly #1 in japan box office (article)

girls (hbo comedy)

sherlock "mind palace scene" (bbc drama)

killing eve (bbc drama)

devil may cry "why dante is cool scene" (video game)

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