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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

May 26, 2020

Join Tv guru, Yuki, and special guest C-man from @Cinema_Sitdown as they discuss the impact of Rona on the film industry and also talk about the history of cinema; what movies were great so far this year and parasite spoilers!!! go in blind don't spoil it for yourself.

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Training day (movie)

Iron man (movie)

Blade (movie)

Parasite (movie)

Black movie's saved Hollywood in the 70s (video)

John wick (movie)

The raid (movie)

Joker (movie)

Avengers endgame (movie)

Shaft 2019 (movie)

Da 5 Bloods (movie)

Edgar wright on how cinema can be saved (article)

Baby driver (movie)

Tenent (movie)

Dunkirk (movie)

Once upon a time in Hollywood (movie)

The hateful 8 (movie)

Californiacation (showtime)

The writers strike (2008)

Disney plus changes star wars (video)

guillermo del toro hellboy special effects (video)

Reservior dogs (movie)

Ray Fisher emotional Snyder cut announcement (article)

Synder cut of justice league (article)

What is HBO max (website)

Kurt Sutter on why he was let go from fx network (article)

James Gunn get fired from Disney (article)

David Ayers suicide squad might come (article)

From dusk til dawn (movie)

Alita battle angel (movie)

Sucker punch (movie)

The invisible Man (movie)

The hunt (movie)

Batman ninja (movie)

Bad boys for life (movie)

The way back (movie)

Rocky Balboa 2006 (movie)

Green Street hooligans (movie)

Halloween 2019 (movie)

Birds of prey (movie)

Jay and silent bob reboot (movie)

Bloodshot (movie)

Upgrade (movie)

Hardcore henry (movie)

Guns akimbo (movie)

Swiss army man (movie)