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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

May 19, 2020

The TV Guru and Yuki take it easy this episode and discuss what tv shows, games, movies, and anime they've been catching up on such as penny dreadful city of angles, Hidden Colors, Dave, and much more.

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Atlanta (fx comedy)

Mike judge's Tales from the tour bus (cinemax comedy)

Justice league dark (DC animated movie)

Justice league dark apokolips (DC animated movie)

Rick and Morty (adult swim comedy)

Solar opposite (Hulu animated comedy)

Penny dreadful city of angels (showtime drama)

Super Mario 3d land (3ds game)

Suer Mario galaxy 2 (Wii game)

Final fantasy rhythm heaven (3ds game)

Fire emblem three houses (switch videogame)

JoJo rabbit (movie)

Dragon quest war (dsi ware game)

Dave (fx comedy)

Curb your enthusiasm (HBO comedy)

Joker (movie)


LA times article in Nazi trying to infiltrate California