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Swarthy Nerd Podcast

May 4, 2020

The Enlightened Black Nerd: He is a man who's aware that his nerdy distractions won't protect himself from the system of white supremacy. "Black First" is his mantra. He can appreciate the arts and entertainment mediums from cultures opposite of his, but is conscious that ALL non-Black culture borrows (or even steal) from Black Culture and history. Rather than wait for someone to create a story, he crafts his own without asking for permission.

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Persona 5 royal (video game)

Medjed "info" (article)

Brand new animal (anime)

Mortal Kombat legends scorpion's revenge (animated movie)

After life (Netflix dark comedy)

Betty (HBO comedy)

Parks and rec comedy special (NBC comedy)

Fire emblem 3 houses (video game)

Keep your hands off eizouken (anime)

Gu clothing (website)

Pokemon clothing crossover (article)

One punch man live action movie (article)

non-Black groups to represent us (article from yuki)